Egypt here I come…

I am moving to Cairo……In two months.

Its all a bit surreal.  Both exciting and overwhelming at the same time.  If you would’ve told me a year ago this is what I’d be doing, I’d have thought you were crazy, yet here we are.

So, why leave Edmonton for Cairo?  Well, my wife accepted a teaching job at the Canadian International School of Egypt (CISE) in Cairo last month.  Working abroad was something we’d always talked about, and while we both enjoyed our current jobs, we felt that we were ready for some new challenges.  When she came across this opportunity in March she applied and ended up getting a job offer in late April.

In terms of my career over there, I’m still working on it.  As a registered dietitian, I feel like there’s a need for my skill set, provided I’m able to wade through the bureaucratic process of obtaining a work permit.  In 2010, the World Health Organization declared Egypt the “fattest” country in Africa with just under 70% of the population classified as overweight or obese.  This is occurring despite rising poverty (ie. increases in malnutrition) amid the worst economic crisis since the 1930’s.  I’ve got to be able to find a niche in there somewhere, right?

And if not, I’ve got this blog…

So, what will I be writing about?  I’ll begin by stating that I don’t intend this to be another traditional dietitian’s blog.  You know, the kind that focuses on providing health information, weight loss tips or recipes.  While I’m sure there will be some posts resembling this I’m just not sure I have much to add to that arena that isn’t already out there.  Rather my main goal with this blog is to write about living in Egypt through the eyes of a dietitian.  I’m very excited to explore the pros & cons of a new culture and how living in Egypt impacts things like food choices, exercise patterns and overall health.

It should be fun.  Thanks for coming along for the ride.


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