My first dietary recommendations in Arabic! (sort of)

My wife and I have been taking Arabic classes for almost 2 months now.  Its been hard work I tell you.  Many of the sounds are so different than English.  And on top of that there’s an entirely different script, so nothing even looks familiar at first glance.  On the positive side, we’re getting some of the basic vocabulary down pat.  Enough so that we’re now able to exchange basic pleasantries, barter with vendors and give directions to taxi drivers.  I must say, it’s quite satisfying finally being able to communicate with locals in their own language, even if it’s still in a very basic way.

Anyways, last week we started studying some vocabulary related to “work/careers”.  Inevitably our own careers soon became the topic of conversation.  My wife’s job (teacher) was easy, but it took took some effort to describe what a dietitian is – nutrition apparently doesn’t translate in Arabic.  I described what I do is “teach people what foods to eat to be healthy”, BUT I’m not a teacher.  Our instructor (Bishoy) seemed to get it, but he’s settled on just calling me a doctor, which suits me just fine!

Now, as I’m sure other dietitians can attest to, one of the first things people ask when they find out you’re a dietitian is what foods they should eat and/or avoid.  Bishoy was no different.  I thought I could use his request as an opportunity to practice some of my Arabic writing.  Bishoy specifically asked me for foods that he can eat to keep his energy up throughout the day.

Below are my recommendations…


Dietary recommendations in Arabic!

Keep in mind, our vocabulary is pretty limited right now (and some of the grammar is likely off a bit), but translated the above lists foods to eat for energy (vegetables, fruits, yogurt, cheese, milk & bread) and foods to avoid (chocolate, cake, coca cola/pepsi & chips).  Certainly nothing ground-breaking in there, but good general recommendations nonetheless… and they’re in Arabic, which is really cool to finally be able to do!



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