A perk of living in Egypt: fresh, local produce delivered straight to your door

One of the great things about Egypt is you can get virtually anything delivered right to your door.  And I mean anything.  Of course all restaurants deliver – everything from McDonald’s to sushi.  But you can also order all your medications, alcohol and groceries from the convenience of your own couch.  I’ve even heard of people ordering medical laboratory tests to be done at home.  Just call and a lab tech will be “delivered” to your home to take your blood or urine sample.  Thirty minutes or it’s free!

To be honest, aside from alcohol and the occasional meal, we haven’t taken advantage of this situation all that often.  It’s mostly because I’m worried I’ll phone somewhere and get someone who speaks no English on the other end of the line, which come to think about is a little silly because everyone I’ve ever called speaks it fluently.

Anyways, while I was doing a little internet research on a restaurant I hoped to review for Oasis magazine, they mentioned that there is an organic farm in Giza just outside the city that delivers fresh herbs and vegetables to residents in the city.

I was intrigued.

Fresh produce is another one of the great things about Egypt.  With the warm year round temperatures here, there is always local produce in season.  Coming from Canada, this is not something that I’m used to.  And it’s all dirt cheap, which is a added bonus.  The only problem is that we don’t have a good market near our apartment – the closest is about a 15 minute walk away, which admittedly isn’t that far, but it’s far enough that you have to plan a special trip.

I eventually made my way to the farm’s Facebook page.  They are called Makar Farms and are a family run operation that’s been in business since 1880.  To my delight Makar Farms’ Facebook page was almost entirely in English.  There were instructions to simply send them a message via Facebook if you want to place a order.

So I sent them a message.

They responded within a few minutes with an extensive list of available produce with prices.  What peaked my interest was their “Best of the Week” basket for 100 LE ($15).  After asking what was in this week’s basket and confirming the delivery charge to Maadi (20 LE), I decided to place an order.  I was even able to request that my order be delivered on in a couple hour window on Saturday morning.

Today I got my order.  This is what showed up.


…with this inside:


That’s 3 different types of lettuce, kale, broccoli, yellow cherry tomatoes, baby eggplant, jalepenos, thyme, parsley, 2 types of sprouts, pak choi, zucchini flowers and basil (which I ordered for an extra 5 LE).  Wow!…. I promptly made myself a salad for lunch.

The total, including tip to the delivery guy, was 135 LE (or just under $20)!  It’s tough to beat that.

A nice touch is that Makar Farms also includes a few recipes that utilize the ingredients in their box.  It’s great because I otherwise wouldn’t have known what to do with something like the zucchini flowers (they included a recipe for fried zucchini flowers stuffed with herbed feta cheese… Mmm…).

What a great option to get fresh produce at home.  Somehow I think this won’t be my last order with Makar Farms….


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