Dietary Supplements – The Good, The Bad and The Uncertain


I got an email from the Cairo West editor on May 13th.

“Would you be able to quickly put together an article for us on dietary supplements?  We’ll need it in a couple of days.”

Of course, we happened to be having an issue with our Internet at home at the time.  For a reason unbeknownst to us our service just stopped working.  I considered turning it down, but this is exactly the type of article I want to be writing – the kind that busts some of the myths surrounding nutrition.  So ensued a frantic race to get our Internet fixed so I could write this article.

Several calls to technical support, 2 missed technician appointments, a visit to the service provider’s office, and a new wireless router later I finally had my Internet back.  Here a link to my article:

Dietary Supplements

If you want the take home message – supplements, unless prescribed for specific medical reasons, are pretty much unnecessary.  Save your money and focus on eating a diet full of fresh, whole foods. You’ll be much better off.





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