Introducing CSA’s new Social Media & Website Coordinator


In my quest to find additional hours (ideally in the field of nutrition) I have landed myself a new position at CSA – Social Media & Website Coordinator. I’ll be starting on February 15th. By no means was this a position I was looking for, but nonetheless, I’m excited, if not a little apprehensive, to take it on.

Why apprehensive? Aside from the fact that my social media experience is basically limited to posting photos on Facebook and occasionally using Twitter to tweet nutrition-related articles of interest, I will be continuing as Media & Communications Coordinator (ie. Oasis Magazine editor). As such, I’m still a little unclear if I’ll have adequate time to devote to each position while still living the type of life I want to. Officially, both positions should work out to 40hrs/week (25hrs for Oasis, etc. + 15hrs for Social Media & Website), but in all honesty, I’m skeptical. And frankly, I have little interest in working more than that – at least not if the job’s not in the field of nutrition or the pay is only roughly $5.00/hr. With this in mind, I’ve negotiated a 2 month trial period. If I’m finding things to be too much, I can walk away from the extra role. No questions asked.

Enough about the potential drawbacks, let’s discuss some of the positives. Of course, the extra cash will be nice, but that’s really not the reason I decided to take this on. The number one reason – experience. Obviously developing social media skills in today’s environment, particularly in an official capacity, are invaluable. I feel like they are skills that I will be able to use wherever my nutrition career takes me.

Another bonus, mostly for CSA, but partly for me too, is a streamlining of the communications & technology activities within CSA. As Media & Communications Coordinator I had to work pretty closely with the Social Media & Website Coordinator regarding content. It should make things easier having just one person responsible for everything and less likely that things get missed.

In a separate development, I may have found a really cool nutrition-related volunteer opportunity (finally!). A non-profit organization in Cairo named Girl Power, which I coincidentally got in touch with for an upcoming article in Oasis Magazine, asked me to help them develop some nutrition/health tips for their program. Girl Power is a great initiative by Hayam Essam that provides sport opportunities to underprivileged girls in the community. We’re planning to meet in the coming weeks to discuss further.

So all in all, it’s been a pretty eventful past 10 days or so. I’d be a little remiss in my new position if I didn’t promote our social media accounts. If you’re interested in what’s going on at CSA, the best way to stay up to date with activities at CSA or our Fitness Training Center (FTC), is to like us on Facebook:


We also have a Twitter account, so go ahead an follow us here too.  CSA on Twitter.



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