My 5 favorite beaches…

After a few “heavier” posts the last couple of weeks, I decided to go with something a little lighter for this one.  In a couple of weeks my wife and I will be heading to Dahab in the South Sinai Peninsula for the first time for a much needed break during Easter.  Dahab isn’t necessarily known for it’s amazing beaches (it’s much more of a diving mecca), but at this point I’ll take whatever I can get.  Either way, it got me thinking – what are the favorite beaches from my travels?

Honorable Mention – The black sand beaches of Guanacaste Province in Costa Rica.  Admittedly this is a bit of a sentimental pick as my wife and I were married here.



5. Tulum, Yucatan, Mexico

Tulum may be best known for its Mayan ruins, but the beach there is truly spectacular.  We stayed for a couple of days in a small hotel about 500m from the beach and despite being a destination for boatloads of daytrippers from nearby resorts, it didn’t feel crowded.

mexico 225

mexico 235


4. Sandbank Island, Zanzibar, Tanzania

If you’re looking for picturesque beaches, the combination of white sand and turquiose waters in Zanzibar are difficult to beat.  On a snorkeling daytrip we visited Sandbank Island, which is little more than a sandbar just off the main island, but it’s it made for one of the coolest beach experiences we’ve ever had.




3. Agia Roumeli, Crete, Greece

Maybe it was the remoteness?  Maybe it was the 40C weather? Maybe it was the fact that we had just finished an 11km hike?  Whatever it was, the beach at Agia Roumeli located at the endpoint of the Samaria Gorge Trail in Southern Crete was one of the coolest beaches I ever visited.




2. Koh Wai, Thailand

This is the exact vision I had in mind of the beaches of Thailand before we traveled there.  Remote.  White Sand.  Protected cove.  It was truly amazing.  We visited Koh Wai on a snorkeling daytrip from Koh Chang. If we ever return to Thailand, we’ve vowed to spend a week living in Koh Wai’s beach huts.

Thailand Trip 2010-11 540


1. Palolem Beach, Goa, India

It might’ve had to do with the fact that we had just experienced an exhausting 2.5 weeks backpacking across Northern India, but Palolem beach in Goa was the PERFECT end to our trip. We stayed in an amazing little beach hut resort just off the beach and thoroughly enjoyed every minute we spent at this locale.  It really is a magical place.






  1. Margaret Courville · March 27, 2015

    Thanks for the great reminder of beautiful beaches and hot weather as we are still looking out on snow and temperatures below zero. Enjoy your articles.

    • marcusoneill79 · March 27, 2015

      You should come for a visit :-)…. It’s really beginning to warm up here. 36C today!…

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