Introducing CSA’s new resident dietitian…



Starting in September I’ll begin offering nutrition consultations out of the CSA Fitness Training Center.  This is something I’ve been wanting for more than a year now so I’m pretty excited that it’s finally happening.

In order to facilitate this change, I’ll be cutting back my current responsibilities at CSA.  I’ve requested that my communications role to be scaled back to 20 hrs/week.   I still don’t know exactly what that will look like and inevitably it will take a few weeks, if not months, to fully figure out, but I do know that CSA management is somewhat terrified about the prospect of not having me edit Oasis magazine, so I’ll almost certainly still be doing that, even if it is in a reduced capacity.  Nothing’s been finalized as of yet, but it sounds like they’d prefer to shift me into a more supervisory role where I would oversee some of the CSA communications – particularly the more mundane/less technical activities that I’m currently handling – rather than doing it all myself.  To be honest, as long as I still have enough time to devote to the nutrition counselling part, I’m open to whatever they decide to do.

This all means that in the next few weeks I’ll need to finalize some of the logistics of how everything with the nutrition counselling will work.  We’ll need to settle on an advertising/communications strategy, coordinate with the personal trainers, decide on days/times I’m available for counselling, etc…. Hopefully I’m able to iron out a lot of these details before we take off for the summer.  It’s all coming up quickly, so there’s lots to do!

In the meantime, I will still be taking appointments as per usual.  Just click on the Nutrition Services tab for more information.  We’ll be travelling from June 28-mid August, so if you’re interested, you’ll need to book prior to that….



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